The past few years has seen an explosion in writing and commentary about gender roles. With the rise – and fall – of women leaders such as Julia Gillard, the increasing momentum of the marriage equality movement, greater focus on maternity leave, and calls for women to “lean in” to positions of power, our assumptions about gender roles have been challenged and reassessed.

This has reverberated throughout the Jewish world. Though questions regarding gender roles have been hotly debated for centuries, new initiatives and developments such as the ordination of women in the Orthodox world in the United States and the widespread adoption of more progressive models of Kiddushin in Jewish marriages have seen these issues take center stage. In the United States and Israel, a genre of writing and media has emerged that focuses on gender issues within Judaism. Such entities are diverse, including news magazine/websites like Lillith Magazine,, as well as broader organizations with publishing arms like the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA), Kolech and Drisha to name a few.

It’s time for Australian Jews to have our own conversation. The Gender Agenda is designed to provide a space for discussions and debate about gender and how it interacts with all facets of life: family, health, work, our bodies, finances, leadership, spirituality, fertility, education, and beyond.

You will hear reports, interviews and debates on cultural, religious, health-related, and political topics. Join us!