Dalit Kaplan





My Story


Most of the things I do today are a product of my plans being derailed.  I accidentally started my business, Storywell  shortly after I moved back from New York to Melbourne.  I had planned to find some legal work in the not-for-profit space that would be flexible enough to accommodate my family commitments (not very realistic, I know).  I attended a conference, Launchpad, in the hope that I would meet people who would introduce me to other people who could give me said job.  While I was at the conference, I offered to run a storytelling workshop, based on my training in theatre and writing in New York City.  The workshop was a success, and I walked away with three new clients and a whole new business idea.  Today people actually pay me to do what I love most: teaching and creating stories. 

I’m also an accidental writer.  I write when something bothers me.  I write when I have a new insight.  And I write whenever life hands me some form of unpleasantness.  While I am generally very lucky and happy, life has thrown me a few nasty curveballs.  Most recently, I delivered a stillborn baby, whom I later named Mira.  A few years before that I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  What do I do when I need to make sense of these nasties?  I write.

My biggest project right now is a novel titled Broken Eggs.  The writing happens in starts and stops.

I am telling the stories of two women who both try – in very different ways – to be the Perfect Feminist.  We meet a woman who wants to create but can’t fall pregnant.  Another who wants to save the world and accidentally stumbles into motherhood. 

It’s fun.  It’s hard.  It’s what I feel called to do.  At the same time, I am petrified.

Still, I find that seeing life through a storytelling lens has helped me make the mundane meaningful, and to feel connected to everything and everyone.


“Everything is copy” – Nora Ephron